Friday, December 21, 2007

Which Dating site to join?

Are you one of the folks that are still a bit hesitant when it comes to online dating? Well stop worrying and start up your computer!

Myself, I’m a success story. I found my wife by online dating. We have been together for 5 years strong. We were both married for 20 years in previous marriages, and needed someone in our life.

Internet dating has never been more accepted or popular in terms of meeting new singles. All you need is the right approach, a good profile, and some proven tips to help you succeed.

We both learned many things along the way and want to share them with everyone. One of the biggest things we found out was if you don’t invest in a dating site, your wasting your precious time. Think about it for a moment, is investing $50 or $100 in finding the right person to spend the rest of your life a bargain? Weddings cost thousands of dollars; you don’t want to go down the isle with the wrong one do you? Invest in yourself. Statistics show most of the weirdo’s don’t want to spend money to put themselves on a dating site. They tend to look and join the free sites.

My wife and I do think alike. We both did some research about dating web sites. Go with the largest in the business, with the most single people to choose from. Would you buy a prom dress from the corner store, or a large department store in the mall? We were both on and I was also on Yahoo Personals. Yahoo is the second largest behind Match.

  • Match believes they’ve “created more than a million successful relationships.” There’s no way of really proving it, but it worked for us, that’s where we met! has been around over ten years, which makes them one of the first online dating services. It is the “largest on the net” and they continue to tweak their matching capabilities and now offer keyword searching to find profiles that mention similar phrases or activities. Members can post photos; answer short answer questions, “About me and my date” multiple-choice questions, and show their personality in the all-important essay.

Recently introduced, a Match sister site, offers to singles a more in-depth matching capabilities that rival sites like Eharmoney. With the success of Match, hits a home run. Dr. Helen Fisher is a world-renowned biological anthropologist, author and expert in the science of human attraction. She spent the last 3 decades figuring out why love makes us go weak in the knees and causes our hearts to skip a beat. Her research has shown that we are searching for someone to complement us. And, that’s why they recruited her as the brains behind their personality profile.

  • Some online dating service that offers a FREE trial period, keep in mind that "free" is different for each service. For example, free to one service may mean that you can actually build a profile and upload your photo, browse other profiles and photos, and communicate with people while free to another service may mean just looking.
  • For safety purposes and convenience, all these online dating services we mentioned offer onsite messaging and e-mail services. This will allow you to communicate with people using a special e-mail provided by the dating service instead of using your personal e-mail.